How it works

Covid Aid uses a safe distribution model that avoids crowd buildup. Beneficiaries register online and we distribute the food aid we receive from our donors to trained local volunteers who wear Personal Protective Equipment for safety.

1. Request food aid

Visit to provide your details

2. We'll send it to your area

We'll combine your request with others from your area and ship it from our warehouse to a volunteer that lives close to you

3. A volunteer will deliver it

The trained volunteer will locate your house and deliver the sealed family pack to your gate or arrange for a pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Beneficiaries

  1. Is it really free?

    Yes it is 100% free. This program is sponsored by our partners and fulfilled by a community of local volunteers.
  2. Who can apply?

    We are providing sealed food aid packs to households that are in need of food but due to the current lockdown, cannot get access to it
  3. What is in the food aid pack?

    Each pack currently contains uncooked rice, beans, garri, spaghetti, groundnut oil, and tomato sauce. It's packed in a sealed plastic bag, weighs at least 7kg, and is designed to sustain a family of 5 for up to 5 days.
  4. How long does it take to deliver?

    We aim to fulfil all deliveries as soon as possible. We are constrained by the huge volume of requests we are receiving and the relatively limited resources we have to manage them
  5. How safe is it?

    All the food we send are procured from local food markets and warehouses. They are packaged by trained volunteers in hygienic environment, and are delivered by local volunteers who use Personal Protective Equipment. Our method of operation also ensures that each handoff is on a 1-1 basis, and crowds do not form